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jack is like... Relating well to Elsa and stuff but how can you even ship it? TOO MUCH GOSH DIDDILY DARN DETAILS I HAVE MUCH RESPECT FOR THAT OTHER ANON. Excuse me while I cry.

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But aside from the obviously superior animation in RotG, Jelsa can’t fucking work out anyway. Not only because of the different companies thing, but because of other important details that seem to be constantly overlooked by the shippers.

Like, for example, How the FUCK would Elsa even SEE Jack?? The story of RotG was fucking Jack Frost becoming a Guardian and gaining believers. You know, people who SEE him. He lived alone for 300 years without being seen or touched. So what makes Elsa such a special little snowflake?

Don’t try to convince me that Jack would use his powers to make Elsa believe in him either. She would probably just think her powers were going out of whack and she’d most likely just panic more about them. Did the tale of Jack Frost even exist around that time period? 

And again, time periods. I feel like Frozen’s and RotG’s don’t match up right for the ship to be even fucking possible, but maybe I’m wrong in that aspect, and I’m referring to the 300 year gap, not the film’s present day placement.

Even if that does match up, I stand by my previous statement. Elsa wouldn’t be able to see him or feel him dohohoho don’t feel Elsa dON’T FEEL and she wouldn’t be alive when Jack gained believers, so I must ask, how is this ship honestly fucking possible? HOW



"Do you Want to Practice Skating?" - Frozen Hijack.

(In the style of ‘Do you want to build a snow man?’)

So chronologically this one is first track of the musical. Also Jesus H on a Bike there are now enough of these covers to merit a tag: Frozen Hijack

If any of you guys feel like covering this, then by all means do so! 


Young and older Emma Overland

Jackson Overland/ Jack Frost

Gossip 1 and Gossip 2.


Young Emma

Hey Jack?

Do you want to make snow angels?

Or maybe use the trees to hide?

Because spring’s really getting near

And now I fear

That the Ice will melt outside.

We’d have to wait until December

Until the winter fun

Comes back to the World again…

How about we try ice skating?

You know I want to practice skating…


"Jack! I’m scared”


Look at me… You’re gonna be fine….

Gossip 1

Have you heard about young Jackson?

Gossip 2

I know, his Mother is bereft….

Gossip 1

But what do you know of the girl?

He was her World-

Gossip 2

Now she’s the only child left.

Gossip 1


Gossip 2

But stranger things have been occurring-

Gossip 1

How do you mean?

Gossip 2

The water’s still not thawed out..

Gossip 1

…The lake’s still frozen solid? Is that place really haunted?

Gossip 2

There’s no doubt….

Older Emma

*Shivering in the cold.*

Jack… Why did you leave me?

Life’s no fun here any more.

The sun is shining over head

But here I tread, where there’s frost still on the floor.

You’re meant to be the older Brother.

And stay with me, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Jack Frost:


Ma’am, why are you crying?

There’s never sense in crying…



"I found another Dork."

(‘Love is an open Door, Hijack Style.~)


I’m toying with the idea of making the harmonies between these guys absolutely awful because they are dorky Teenage boys and not Trained Disney Princesses. What do you guys think?

Regardless, Hans’ part is a challenge because I’m not sure I can drop an octave like that. :’D 

(Pitch Bent.)

Lyrics for this segment:

Hiccup: Uh huh. And you were gonna tell me you’re crazy when?

Jack: Aaaahhh~….But Crazy means interesting, right?.

Hic: My whole life seems to have been a long string of mistakes ‘cause right and wrong was just so hard to know.

Jack: I hear you, Hic, I mean, Like I’ve always been blamed for stuff that I didn’t do. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that it blows.

And with you- And with you-

Jack:Smiling’s no chore
Hic: Life’s not a Bore

Both: And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before
I found another Dooooooooork
I found another Doooooork
I found another dork.

Jack: No,you
Hic: No you
Jack: No, you
Hic: No, you!

Both: You are the biggest dork…